Horween English Tan Strap + Timex® Watch Combo

Horween English Tan Strap + Timex® Watch Combo


The Timex® Weekender Fairfield is a minimalist, modern update on the classic Timex Weekender. In combination with our gorgeous Horween leather watch band, this will be your go-to, everyday watch. Our handmade watch strap features Horween English Tan Dublin leather and a minimal stitch style with matching hardware and leather strap keepers. All watch straps in our shop are handmade to order. 

The Watch

  • Available in Gold or Silver 37mm case

  • Indiglo nightlight

  • Analog quartz movement

Watch Band Length

Small Length | 110/70mm | Wrist Size 6" to 6.75"
Medium Length | 120/80mm | Wrist Size 6.75" to 7.5"
Large Length | 135/85mm | Wrist Size 7.5" to 8.5"

Watch Size:
Watch Color:
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